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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at SRT!

During the upcoming month of July, we're excited to saw we'll have our operations, safety, maintenance, fuel department and driving employees undergo training to prepare for our winter weather and discretionary driving programs.

Throughout the month, we'll hang up Christmas decorations and host a cubicle decorating contestants at the office, and from time to time, you'll even see some staff decked out in Christmas costume.

On particularly hot days, we hope you'll even drop by for an ice-cold snow cone to cool you down.

During the week of July 17, Jonathan Hunter, CTG weather department superviser, will be on-site to train employees on various winter weather challenges and run a winter driving course featuring proper tire chain application.

Having a well-trained staff here at SRT means safer travel during the winter months for everyone. It's our goal to get our entire fleet certified as discretionary drivers. 

July will be an exciting, productive month, and we look forward to all our team members joining us for a mid-summer Christmas. As always, your safety and success are our top priorities. 

See you soon, and Merry Christmas -- in July!





OS&D(oing your part)



We all win when we take care of freight






In trucking, we are in the business of pennies -- and ever penny counts.

OS&D issues are sometimes little problems that turn into big issues, as pennies turn into dollar losses if we aren’t steadfast in our efforts to ensure preventive measures.

So What can you do to prevent OS&D? Let’s start from the beginning.

A thorough pre-trip inspection, including a reefer diagnostic on empty trailers prior to loading, is a key step in preventing OS&D claims. And on dock observation, chekcing pulp temp verification, and noting the temps on bills are also very important. Validation of the temperature on the bill of lading is to ensure the correct set point for the reefer. 

Then, after loading is complete, ensure your cargo is secured and packaged properly for a safe ride ahead, then install a seal and seal protector, ensuring the seal that you are installing matches the seal number on the bill of lading.

Always scale your load, and if headed into or out of California, make sure your tandems are at the 40-foot mark.

While in transit, park in well-lit, populated areas to discourage theft. Observe safe driving habits around turns, and safe following distances. Every time you stop, check your reefer set point, and do a quick walk around your “office” to make sure everything is in still in place, including your seal and seal protector.

When you arrive at a receiver, make sure their people are the ones who break a trailer seal. If you follow these procedures this will be a successful and penny making load for all of us. 





Exec. committee announced







You're out over the road and mulling over an issue or question pertaining to your role as a driver here at SRT. 

Who do you call? 

At least one option for you is contacting a member of SRT's executive driver committee, a direct extension of management available to you for guidance, problem solving and coaching. 

We encourage you to contact the committee and introduce your self. 

Members are, left to right:

  • James Fletcher
  • James Tellis
  • Billy Cartright
  • David Benoit
  • Karen Albin
  • Rogelio Vasquez





Rollover contest rolls on





Beginning July 1, we're putting our money where our mouth is: if we, as a company, go six months without a truck rollover, you may be eligible for a drawing for one of there cash prizes, including:

  • $5,000
  • $2,500
  • $1,000

To be eligible for the drawing, you must have been employed with us for the entire six-month period, have zero preventable accidents/injuries/OS&D during the period and have zero preventable service failures during the period.

The end date for the period is Dec. 31.





In the Hall of Fame



You're an elite driver. Be recognized like one.





Get ready to be recognized. 

Starting now, SRT's best drivers will be publicly recognized and honored by being selected for the new driver hall of fame. The hall of fame is the latest driver-recognition program here, and will updated quarterly with the names of new inductees selected from SRT's fleet.

Drivers who consistently exceed expectations will be selected for recognition, as we honor those who represent the very best of drivers everywhere, and within our own fleet.





Drivewyze taking larger role



Prepass no longer device for scale bypass







On or around the end of this month, we will turn off the scale portion of Prepass devices on all our trucks, and Drivewyze will be the sole device for scale bypasses. The Prepass transponder will be used solely for tolls after the change, and the way you handle tolls will not change. 

Transponders will be swapped during stops at the main terminal in Texarkana, beginning in July, and replaced by a transponder for us with Best Pass.

If you do not currently have a Prepass transponder for tolls be sure to see the inspection bay when you come in next starting in July for the Best Pass Unit. 





Hitting a milestone



Drivers hit five, seven years with SRT in July


  • Ronald Armour - five years
  • Antonio Gasparetto - five years
  • Michael Moss - seven years
  • Mark Bowers - seven years









By Neil Voorhees, director of safety

Many of us have been through multiple changes in transportation, one of the biggest being Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA).

During International Roadcheck in June, I spent a lot of time with enforcement officers and saw a lot of drivers we could not even begin to acknowledge as being in the same league as SRT. These drivers-- and I mean almost every one who came through this particular inspection station where I was -- did not care about either personal appearance, or the appearance of their equipment.

For enforcement officers, it was like shooting fish in a barrel during the event. At one point, I had to leave and find SRT units to inspect, and I'm proud to say the only issue I saw was one old ERG unit -- otherwise you proved once again you are true professionals, the real Knights of the Road.

But back to CSA  -- at SRT, our biggest safety exposure falls under the Unsafe Driving and Hazardous Materials Compliance Basics.

Under Unsafe Driving, our biggest issue is speeding; the highest is 6-10 MPH over the limit, followed by 11-14 MPH over and then 15-plus. This will no longer be tolerated.

One speeding infraction in a 12-month period will result in a final warning,  and a second infraction will lead to further disciplinary action, up to and including termination from SRT. Speed is controllable for each professional driver and should not be a problem if you follow signage.

Another issue we face is failure to obey a traffic control device, which usually means a driver bypasses a weight station, but with also sometimes means a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or red light.

Again, this is a very serious offense, which will result in serious ramifications moving forward. Other areas where we currently have issues include: failure to wear seatbelts, lane restriction violation and using a handheld mobile telephone. These are all truly rookie mistakes, and will be addressed quickly moving forward.


On HazMat Basic, meanwhile, our biggest exposures currently are vehicles not being placarded as required, improper accessibility of the ERG and shipping documents and packages not being secure in vehicle.

Placards must be properly secured, on point on each side and both ends of a trailer. If they are on and match the requirements on the BOL this should never be an issue. If the paperwork and ERG are in the side panel of the driver's door, these violations will also go away.

 And finally, when dealing with securement on a Hazardous Material load, if you ever see an issue with the loading of a trailer, remember: Smile and Dial.

The moment you leave a shipper's property, we own the problem. When you are driving with Hazmat onboard, you must drive like the true professionals you are.

All of the other basics are much stronger, so let’s tighten these down without letting the others get out of hand.

If you see one of our team missing placards or performing unsafe behaviors, please reach out to them or Smile and Dial the safety or operations group for help!

Remember the SRT Way is the Highway!



Knights of the Road is a regular feature in The Scene at SRT which puts a spotlight on good drivers. Submit Knights of the Road stories or tips, or nominate someone to be highlighted by emailing





What we're reading











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