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>Lane openings

>Detention pay

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Lane openings



Continuous move fleets have lanes available






We are growing our dedicated/continuous moves fleets over the next several months, and we're looking for professional drivers with good communication skills and proven on-time service.

Domiciles will include Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and various areas east of the Rockies.

Continuous move fleets run for a single customer, but include various lanes which are usually not the same on a week-to-week basis. At this time, the fleets are averaging 2,500 miles per week, minus weeks they are heading home or coming out of the house.

If you're interested in driving on one of our continuous move fleets, please contact your fleet manager.





Detention pay, holiday reminder






Don’t let money get away from you by failing to write down your in/out times on your bills at a shipper or receiver. Any time over two hours sitting at a customer -- if you are on-time -- entitles you to detention pay.

It’s that easy. It's your money.

Holiday time off

Planning to go home for earned home time for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's?

Remember, you can put requests in at any time. You do not have to wait until right before a holiday. Thanksgiving time-off requests will be cut off beginning Monday, Nov. 13.

Christmas time-off requests will be be cut off beginning Monday, Dec. 11.

So look ahead, talk with your family and get your requests in for earned time off if you plan to have accrued by then. 





Shop tip, referral update








Shop tip

Do you keep a spare truck key? If so, where do you store it? 

We recommend not only having a spare, but keeping it either in your wallet or purse -- somewhere you will have access to it in an emergency. 

Too often, spare keys are stored inside the cab, where they are no help if you find yourself locked out. We spend a lot of money on lockouts, which can be avoided by keeping your spare key on you, especially when you're outside the truck. 

Referral update

The referral contest will end on Thursday, Aug. 31. Until then, we're running double referrals, meaning for every successful driver referral you send in, we'll reward you like you sent in two. 

Help SRT, help yourself and send in your referrals before the end of the month.





Trip planning tips






While loading at a shipper, we recommend going ahead and planning your next trip.

To do so, take your upcoming trip miles and divide the number by 50 (for 50 miles per hour) and you'll get a good estimate of how far you can go (550 miles in 11 hours of driving, for example). 

Then, after every 11 hour -- or available hours of service if running on recaps -- factor in a 10-hour break (or longer, if running on recaps and you have to wait until midnight to roll).

This will help tell you where to fuel, where to shutdown for the night and provide a good estimated time of arrival at your receiver. 

If you reach your shutdown point ahead of schedule and still have driving time, we recommend driving on and setting a new shutdown spot to get ahead of schedule.

And as always, know the weather on your route and use Google maps to see traffic ahead of time. 





Hitting milestones



Drivers hit milestone anniversaries with SRT in September


  • George Phillips
  • Benjamin Bader
  • Marshall Jones
  • Wayne Haney
  • Randy Midkiff
  • Robert Kopp
  • William Meinen
  • James Herring
  • Robert Kalista
  • Lalonnie Nichols
  • Delbert Baldwin, Jr.
  • Christopher Denmon
  • Leander Gerard
  • Leland Turner
  • Jimmy Stiff
  • Jacob Gordon
  • Leroy Larsen
  • Nathaniel Hatcher
  • Gregory Kerr
  • Paul Clark
  • Stephen Zakoor
  • Steven Bolding
  • Dwight Jones
  • Larry Brown
  • Calvin Childs
  • Oranier Guerville
  • Charles Epps
  • William Hornbuckle
  • Christopher Clapp
  • Paul Ober
  • Greg Foreyt
  • Charles Barnett
  • J Brown
  • Reginald Butler









By Neil Voorhees, director of safety

It is great to talk to the Knights of the Road again, the people who make things happen.

Today, we would like to discuss OS&D claims again. Of the 2,438 OS&D claims year-to-date, we have only had to pay out for 75 of those incidents.

This doesn't mean we have not had more then 75 chargeable incidents. It means that the claims are professionally managed by our risk department.

With that being said, let’s get down into the meat of the matter: 36 of the claims are temperature related. As Knights of the Road, we have three things to do to differentiate from regular truck drivers: always be on time, secure the product and deliver at the required temperature.

The rest of the process any driver has to do. So how do we address temperature issues?

  • Pre-trip the reefer (address any issues)
  • Maintain fuel in the reefer
  • Pulp the product (document on BOL even if you are not allowed, document it)
  • Maintain temperature per BOL
  • Monitor /document the temperature throughout the trip
  • Any variances, smile and dial

It’s understood we have monitoring system on the reefers, but from start to finish, it is our job as the Knights of the Road to do everything possible to deliver the product at the correct temperature. If you are planned to drop a loaded trailer anywhere that will continuously run, top off the reefer.

Also, please make sure you are using the Zero Defect Customer Service form on each load, no matter if you are live loading, or recovering a trailer. If you truly follow this document step by step, you will always succeed and not be held responsible for any OS&D claims.

Thanks and have a safe day!



Knights of the Road is a regular feature in The Scene at SRT which puts a spotlight on good drivers. Submit Knights of the Road stories or tips, or nominate someone to be highlighted by emailing





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